Broadly speaking it covers any challenge you are facing which impacts your psychological safety or causes distress. The guided frameworks provided are an attempt to help you become proactive about your situation. Instead of life becoming unmanageable, we want to promote manageability. For example, exposure to trauma (mental, emotional and physical), problems with addictions, obstacles in relationships or with intimacy and so on. Revolutionise your reality.

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Potential Conflict

Addressing potential conflict whether it be around body corporate matters as they relate to community living, landlord and tenant relationships, hierachical relationships like employer/employee issues, marital conflict, ineffective meetings and team dynamics presenting challenges. Seek resolution to achieve stability and sustainable outcomes.



When it comes to your career, entrepreneurial ventures, the willingness to work with healthy levels of conflict to stretch yourself and your expertise; and other challenges like reaching an impasse at work, reinvigorating your motivation, contemplating a change in career…formulate your question so that we can inspire your reinvention.


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