Business-woman-thinking1. Are you struggling with being taken seriously in your work or environment in which you wish to add value? Does your status as the “new kid on the block” stand in the way of your progress?

2. Do you experience having large gaps in your mind with regards to knowledge in your line of work?

3. Do you sit outside the “inner cirlce”? Do you wish to seek guidance from someone more superior to yourself about the possible chaos you’re perceiving in your work space?

4. Do you experience yourself to be someone else’s “dumping” ground? Are you always at the receiving end of negative or critical feedback?

5. (a) Do you find your character or your contributions come under attack as opposed to working toward a group objective?
(b) Do you find yourself ever being “put in a position” when it comes to working as a team or on a project which results in some loss of status for you?

6. Do your ambitions or life plans get any attention from your direct superior? Do you only get praised when you are in a supportive/agreeable role to your superior, anything else would be detrimental to your job security?

7. Do you recognise increasing levels of frustration or anger within yourself or your staff?

confused-businessman8. Does your organisation recruit on a whim or stall the process until the last minute or simply cannot find the “right” candidate?

9. Do you consider yourself to be easily approachable when you have been told that you are not?  Do you “wall off” others who do not see you as successful? Alternatively, do you work with people who are not approachable or feel “walled out” when you do not share the same perception of them as they do of themselves?

10. Are your efforts often over-looked and the possibility for growth undermined?

11. Do you have employees who are “lost” wondering around the office or seemingly aimless?

12. Do you find yourself bogged down with the details, menial tasks and not enough “think” time about the bigger picture?

13. Do you find yourself on the other side of people taking things personally when putting forward your concerns and wishing to resolve a matter at hand? Or are you concerned that your customers experience this from your staff?

14. Do you over-concern yourself with what your colleagues are doing / not doing around you? Do you find that your colleagues are tallying up your efforts or failings like keeping a scorecard?

15. Do you get told that you are over-reacting to a situation or that you are taking responsibility for things you shouldn’t? Do you get over-involved in something that doesn’t have much to do with you directly?

Close-up of a businessman holding a pen and thinking16. Do you feel limited in taking the necessary actions for your job because you need to “check-in” with your superior first?

17. Have you found your aspirations dashed as you’re given an impossible task beyond your expertise to accomplish, typically from the authority in the room? Do you experience your genuine efforts as being seen as “interfering” by an authority or a group who supports that authority?

18. Do you experience being told what to do constantly or is there an air of expectation around you to “wait for instruction” or that you are being “checked up on” because whatever you do might be considered as not good enough?

19. Is there someone around you who you have to becareful of upsetting because you will be left out of the group because of the group-sessionsinfluence they hold in the environment / community?

20. Do you feel that striving for excellence is seen by your peers as futile? Do you feel resentment from others for your inherent talents/ability to achieve and possibly experience being attacked or critisized for it too as if to be “cut down to size”?

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