Counselling and SupportIndividual counseling covering several areas, such as:

• long-term trauma,
• abuse (mental, emotional and physical),
• anger management,
• anxiety/panic,
• addictions (substance and process addictions),
• codependence, relationship and intimacy

Group counseling

For now these are offered as workshops:

How long?

2 evenings during the week and a weekend.

How many of us?

Limited to 4 or 5 people per therapist.

What do we cover?

These workshops will be designed to address patterns/themes in our lives which perpetuate causing us gradual fatigue and chronic low self-worth.

What to expect?

• This will be a process-oriented workshop and necessarily involves active participation from all those who attend.
• Experiential learning is strongly advocated.
• An atmosphere of respect/non judgment for our life journeys.

Confidentiality is assured with respect to our ethical commitments and will be addressed in an agreement.

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Medical Aid

Medical aid claims can be made for individual therapy /services.

System of referral

Where longer term therapy is recommended, a system of referral is in place.

This will also apply when the fit between therapist and client does not work whether the chemistry doesn’t feel right or the expertise of another therapist is more suitable; then every effort will be made to refer appropriately.