Private Coaching

For those paying for their own sessions and where the aim is around things like career or personal development, grooming to improve promotional value, specific goal achievement, career change or choice, relationship coaching and so on. Flexibility around budget and timing of sessions (weekly, fortnightly etc) can be discussed.

Corporate Coaching

For those whose organisation will be paying for the sessions and where some outcomes-based measurement is required (e.g. ROI). Any other coaching requirements including meetings with, reporting to stakeholders and submitting reports solely containing information agreed upon up front.

This may include self-insight questionairres or 360º surveys and other feedback for (1) drafting a development action plan; (2) drafting and implementing the plan plus follow-up meetings for on-the-job performance and (3) developing coaching programmes for ensuring a smooth transition for new hires or newly promoted employees into their new role.

Executive Coaching

For organisations focussed on (1) improving a top executive’s current job performance e.g. leadership ability or managerial performance; and (2) seeking support for the promotability of their talented executives in order to upscale an organisational level or attain a future job or vision.

CEO Coaching

For company owners, founders, directors, CEO’s and the entire range of C-suite executives. The coaching partnership is specific to whatever challenges these senior exectuives might be facing thus they control their developmental agendas as well as their own budget. Typically it involves issues around leadership and direction; sometimes conflict resolution and developing ‘soft skills’ like motivation and developing internal talent. Simply a confidential sounding-board for specific challenges given a leader’s path is often a solitary one.

group coaching