Ana-Lisa Ventura

BA Econ (Hons), BA Psych (Hons)

Ana-Lisa Ventura holds an honours degree in Economics as well as Psychology and has a keen interest as to how these two fields of study interact. After a stint in finance, foundations for a broader understanding of value were firmly rooted. Her insights into how human dynamics can create or destroy value, guides her practice. Ana-Lisa’s holistic and dynamic approach and her ability to offer a wide-range of skills, gives her clients the opportunity to reorient themselves toward a more integrated and emergent state of being.

Upon leaving the corporate world, she pursued her interests in mind/body and wellness practices and went on to qualify as a Pilates teacher as well as a Kinesiologist. During these years as a sole-proprietor, she naturally progressed toward a degree in Clinical Psychology. Upon completion of her post-graduate degree, she began her internship at a Trauma and Addictions clinic as a counselor in Secondary Care. Prior to beginning her internship, she completed an ICF (International Coach Federation) approved course in the Enneagram. It was during this time at the clinic, as an employed counselor, that she introduced the Enneagram, which is typically a coaching tool, into a clinical setting.

On writing her Board exam with the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA), Ana-Lisa qualified as a Registered Counselor. Furthermore, she received a corporate coaching certificate through the University of Cape Town, as her direction led back to the corporate environment.

Ana-Lisa embodies her interest in the behavioral sciences, where the merging of Economics and Psychology culminates in what she does today: strategising around human capital optimisation. When she is not working or studying, you can find her dancing the tango, traveling to exotic destinations, surfing, hanging out with friends and attending music concerts or dance shows.